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Oman to test their reserves at the West Asian Games.

11.24.2005 · Posted in Oman National Team

They have decided to send out the second string side, which I don’t think is such a bad idea. All the other professionals will be busy with their clubs as the season continues and it could give some new talent a chance to show some potential.

“The four professionals are striker Imaad al Hosni, midfielders Ahmed Hadeed and Ahmed Mubarak ‘Kanu’ and defender Mohammed Rabee’a to provide a balance to the team.”

Still some top players going to play tho, Imaad Ali and “Kanu” will be going, should give us some advantages.

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One Response to “Oman to test their reserves at the West Asian Games.”

  1. i say even though other top countries are using their reserve team oman shouldnt give in we havent won any cups so this should be our chance they shold at least put in a couple of stars